Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea, and immigrated to Vancouver,
Canada when she was 16. She graduated University of British Columbia with BA in Economics and Theatre Design, and once she graduated UBC, she decided to pursue fashion design career, which has always been her dream and greatest passion. She finished her Fashion Design diploma at Blanche Macdonald Centre
Vancouver, and then embarked her professional fashion journey to
London, UK.  In London, Jessica graduated Istituto Marangoni London
with Masters in Fashion Design Womenswear. After graduation, she has worked
at and collaborated with some London based designer houses for couple
months, and then decided to launch her own brand back in Vancouver where she
wants to base her life in.
Outerwear, especially coats, is the fashion item that Jessica is the most
obsessed with. Growing up in Vancouver, she realizes it is very hard to find an investment-worthy quality coat that she can count on for years. Therefore, she decided to launch the brand that specializes in premium quality outerwear and she is committed to provide the best quality outerwear.
Founded on four pillars, sophisticated
design, craftsmanship, premium quality materials and elegance, Studio Lorem
Ipsum aims to deliver functional and timeless products. As a designer, she
spends the most time on sourcing the right material and developing the right fit
that complements human body, and in her collections, Jessica carries out
contemporary effortless chic made only with premium quality materials.